A small investment in training employees to code can lead to returns many times over.

  1. Skilled employees are more able to undertake tasks that needed to be done by specialists or external consultants, resulting in higher wages and time commitments.
  2. Retention: Employee satisfaction goes up, through a positive perception of the employer. Many employees value training, linking it with opportunity.
  3. The Return on Investment (ROI) of IT Training programmes are calculated to be 300%

What does MaionaCoding offer companies?

Our employee training programme can be fully customised to your needs. A typical programme will look like this;

Web development & Database management skills

  1. Module 1: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  2. Module 2: Database management with SQL server, PowerBI analysis and visualisations
  3. Module 3: Using the WordPress CMS
  4. Module 4: Agile working with JIRA