Our partner offer:

Maiona Coding is an IT training company, specialising in coding for the internet. We believe anyone can learn to code. We offer a well-paced, classroom-based course teaching practical digital skills. We will train our students to build web applications and put together a portfolio of work.

Charities partnership opportunity

We want to collaborate with charitable partners who already work with jobseekers, to offer them training in cutting-edge vocational digital skills.

The Albany is a multi-purpose arts centre in Deptford, south-east London. MaionaCoding has partnered with the Albany to deliver a three-year creative coding training project, funded by the Mayor of London's Young Londoner Fund

These skills will help jobseekers find better paying jobs and other positive outcomes. Our training will be offered free of charge, as through our partnership, we will secure funding from established sources.

The importance of coding skills for jobseekers The UK software programming industry in the UK faces a chronic skills shortage. A study carried out on behalf of recruitment website Indeed. co.uk concluded that the role of junior developer is currently one of the six best entry-level IT jobs in the UK.

With the availability of more than 14,000 entry-level IT jobs paying a median of around £25,000 per year, it is not surprising that there is a huge demand for IT skills training in this country.

Customised coding training is available for companies and charities. By providing digital skills training to disadvantaged people, we hope this will inspire them to pursue these skills into employment.

What we offer

Maiona Coding has worked with Lewisham Homes and L&Q to offer IT training to unemployed and low income workers in Lewisham. We specialise in reaching and working with groups underrepresented in the tech industry. Funded by the Mayor of London and working in partnership with The Albany we have developed a programme specifically for young people too.

Lewisham Homes manages 19,000 homes on behalf of Lewisham Council. MaionaCoding has partnered with Lewisham Homes to deliver coding training to over 100 residents and staff of the company. 

Maiona Coding focuses on fundamental web development technology and management practice training, including: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, BootStrap (Responsive Web Design), SQL query language, Database management, Microsoft PowerBI, Agile project management for teams, Internet security, Infrastructure.

L&Q is a regulated charitable housing association. MaionaCoding has delivered vocational coding training to L&Q residents in 2019.

In addition we provide job readiness training. We work with participants to develop a portfolio of work that is used when approaching employers. We also help with recruitment and where possible we will seek to find job placements with companies to improve experience.

Our impact to date We have trained over 200 people working with housing providers to identify unemployed and low paid employees.
  • Of these 52% were women 75% from black and minority ehtnic groups.
  • On average (across Html, Java Script, CSS and SQL) participants self reported an increased knowledge and confidence of 130%.
  • For every £1 spent on our training we have delivered £4 to £5 of social value.*
  • We have found job placements for one-third of our participants in the Creative Coding Collective working in partnership with The Albany (new programme began in Oct’ 2020).
*This range is based on market value of the training and HACT Social Value calculator.

Customised coding training is available for companies and charities. We offer well-paced, classroom-based training courses teaching practical digital skills to build web applications.

Who we are

MaionaCoding was founded by Joseph Jagan Devaraj who has over 18 years experience as a software developer and trainer. Joseph has worked for large UK companies and international charities in the UK and India.

Joseph has a passion for coding and realised that by offering accessible, affordable training he could enable jobseekers and employees to stay ahead of the technology curve, find better employment and ultimately improve life outcomes with groups suffering from the impacts of economic inequality.

Joseph works with a team of trainers who together have over 40 years of experience in the tech industry and as trainers.

“I’ve been looking at coding training online but all the courses I found were too expensive, like £1500 or more. When I found this course and it was free, it was perfect!” – Participant from The Albany.
“The course was very well organised and delivered” “The tutors were helpful, clear and made learning fun.” – Participants from L&Q.