MaionaCoding won a commission from the Origin Housing Community Fund in May 2021. Our project was to deliver an introductory training program in web app development (or coding) for Origin Residents with the aim of preparing them for employment in IT.

We received 13 applications for the programme who were all Origin Housing residents. Through the first 2 weeks of May ‘21 we delivered 4 training sessions. The program went very well with very positive feedback from participants. One common refrain from participants was for more training sessions to increase the outcomes of placing trainees with companies and finding employment. Our program usually consists of 12 sessions. This program served as a taster to a more in depth training offer.

Fatima completed the training was ready for a job placement and MaionaCoding had incidentally had a place lined up with a company called Bladonmore. At the last minute before starting her internship, Fatima found employment elsewhere and did not take up the internship, but was nevertheless very grateful for the opportunity.

All participants said their knowledge had increased across; HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Content Management Systems and Web Hosting and Internet security. (Participants were asked to rate their knowledge in each of these areas 1 to 5, 1 = not at 5 = very high.)

When asked if they would recommend the training, 100% of participants said yes.

Participant feedback:
“The course was very insightful and well presented. Mr. Devaraj provided loads of further tips and content.”
“The course has introduced me to different aspects of web development.”
“I learnt valuable knowledge, and it’s a helpful base to start with for anyone interested in learning code or to further their skill set within the digital world.”
“Very easy for beginners looking to get into and learn a new skill.”
“Nice and relaxed programme for beginners.”
“I have learned so much in such a small time I am very impressed.”

What has been the most significant change for you as a result of the training?

“I am now more sure of which path within coding I want to take”
“I feel am on a path to improve my web development skills”
“I’ve developed an appetite to learn more about coding and how to further use it to benefit my career growth.”
“Learning the basics of coding and an ability to develop them further.”
“I understand more about how coding actually works rather than having a vague ‘idea’ of how it works”
“Learning to understand and write code.”

“It was very good.”
“I enjoyed the course. The trainer was good at explaining the concepts , he was very good at outlining a path for development and career progression.”
“The delivery was helpful and considerate for new starters. Very clear explanations and interactive.”
“Very insightful and easy to follow.”
“Straightforward and to the point, easy to get to grips with.”
“Very good training”