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The CCC is a training programme will focus on the creative/cultural aspects of technology,

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The aim is twofold.

  • Secure work placements for the young people attending this training, with companies in Lewisham. To secure a placement, the students will have to complete a portfolio of web projects that will be available for companies that have signed up to our placement scheme.
  • The second aim would be to create an ongoing, larger digital media/creative collaborative project, that will be planned and implemented by the students themselves. That project will continue over the duration of this training, i.e. different cohorts over three years.

This is a project that builds on training that MaionaCoding Lead Trainer, Jagan Devaraj devised for Lewisham Homes (local authority housing) residents, that was later rolled out for L&Q (housing provider) residents, at the Albany in Deptford.

While the fundamental training focuses on simple programming for the internet, the ethos of the training would focus on digital music (production/editing), digital media, content creation, social media, gaming etc.

Training curriculum

The MaionaCoding team (comprising of two main trainers and two assitant trainers) will give training in:

Web hosting/Server infrastructure
WordPress Editing

The dates for the training for the CCC in 2020 are Mondays and Tuesday evenings in October and November, between 1715 and 1930.

Participants will be expected to present a small portfolio of their work.

Companies in Lewisham offer work placements

MaionaCoding is reaching out to local companies, based in Lewisham, to be able to offer these young people an opportunity to test out their skills in the real world. They will do this by offering brief work placements, where course participants will beable to update company websites, create online campaignes and edit music/video media for the companies they are doing a placement for.

At the moemtn, two prominenet Lewisham companies have signed up to the programme and have accepted two candidates each. MaionaCoding is looking for more companies to sign up to the programme.

Please write to, if you feel you will be able to offer placements for our trainees.

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