Business Applications Development

Maiona UK Ltd has is bursting with ideas and technical skills to make your business come alive. 

We use the power of technology to improve workflow efficiency and to maximize revenue.

We do this by discovering how you do things currently. We take your model and suggest improvements that can be made through the careful application of the right technology. The revenue generation comes through two streams.

  1. The careful implementation of technology can ensure that commonly made mistakes through incorrect data entry and missed schedules are avoided. This results in faster turnaround on projects, and happier customers.
  2. Technology is efficient in being able to implement processes on multiple threads, leading to the discovery of previously untapped earnings.

A story of successful implementation
I give an example of a financial services company that I am managing a project on, to build a trading software tool. The company was rife with processes that were handled using manual methods, such as copy-pasting off bulletin boards and managing multiple Excel worksheets.

Our tool ensured that the company to take out the manual processes, ensuring the integrity of the data entered (through automated data feeds) and the identification and classification of the correct products and prices at the correct date and time.


The back office processing of the trade deals is being handled by our tool, right up to the submission of the trade to be processed at the client’s clearance house.

Secondly, by automating the capture and trade of previously unsold stock at the end of the day, at a pre-set discount (the parameters for which can be managed through the tool),  a new revenue stream was realised.

A lot for a little
There are several firms, companies and organisations that can benefit immensely from moving into automating processes. These need not be intrusive, they can be designed and implemented to handle the grunt work, the monotonous jobs that are error-prone when handled by human rather than machine processes.


Maiona UK Ltd developers have between them around 40 years of development experience using the latest, cutting-edge technology and tools. We love a challenge, and being efficient and economical. Our business is built on ‘word-of-mouth’ and reputation is important to us.

We are very conscious of saddling our client with technology debt, and are keen to make sure that you have the most efficient solution possible. We do this by spending enormous amounts of time understanding you and your work culture, drawing out a detailed project specification, before embarking on developing your project.

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