Maiona UK Ltd is a London based IT business services company. Together with our agency partner Origami Creative, we provide both web-based and on-premise solutions for associations to manage their memberships, conferences, resource libraries, website, subscriptions and other activities.

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Membership management

Membership Management

Drive up association membership with an easy to use tool, that automates membership applications and renewals online.

Assign privileges to members depending on whether they are associate, professional or ordinary members.

Secure online payments

Take the hassle out of securing payments for membership renewals, conferences and events. Integrate it with many popular payment processing tools. Export all your data to Excel and Quickbooks

Secure Online Payment
Conference management

Conferences and regional events management

Automatically update your events on your calendar. The tool allows you to accept and track registrations and payments online. Customize your registration options and pricing.

Integrated email management, newsletters and reminders

Let your membership stay abreast of with association events and news through unlimited email campaigns, newsletters and announcements. There is a huge collection of customisable newsletter templates available.

Newsletter management
Content Management

Manage content

Once your website is approved and set up by us, you can manage your content through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor. Tag and classify data and documents to be made available to clients according to their member privileges.

Our base software is a powerful application that has been tried and tested around the world by several thousand organisations and associations with millions of users. It is thoroughly secure and easy-to-use by administrators.

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Please contact Joseph Devaraj at 07495300785 to book a live presentation.