Coding skills training

Beginners’ IT Coding Training, Lewisham

“The course was excellent, I can’t find fault. Just wish there were more dates! It was so much fun!
– Chantelle (course participant feedback)


What is on offer?

Learn to code using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, juggle data with SQL querying, build web/mobile apps and dive into the world of Agile using Low Code Platforms. Learn how all this is kept spinning and secure with our infrastructure and security module!

What else? We keep it practical and fun! We have used our years of experience working in the IT sector to make this course job-ready.

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Businesses urgently need people with IT skills. Even a quick online job search brims with offers for coders/programmers at all levels of practical IT knowledge.

These are well paid jobs, with entry-level offers of £25 – £32,000 not unusual in the UK.

Have fun as we learn

Learning to code can be a very fun experience

“The tutor is friendly, that’s the most important thing. Good explanation. Good time as well!
Rachel (course participant feedback)

With the increasing, everyday use of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and robotics, the employers are looking now at talent pools rich in IT skills than ever before.

Our trainers are/have been employers of IT engineers, so have innate knowledge on what businesses need, and what employers are looking for.

“The learning material was clear and easy to understand…
-Sharon (course participant feedback)

What do we do?

Maiona UK offers low-cost classroom based coding training for beginners.

Unlike other IT study programmes, our tutors have years of experience working in IT in the UK.

This is a job oriented course, and offers training not only in the modules on offer but also:

  1. Agile Methodology
  2. Portfolio Development
  3. Interview Skills

Courses & Pricing

Lead trainer Joseph Devaraj says:

Everyone can code!

The ability to code is all about confidence – there is a very low bar to entry

“I believe that there is a very low bar to who can learn coding skills. Very often, the barrier to learning coding seems to be the lack of self-confidence, rather than any innate ability to learn these skills.”

Are you able to code?

Anyone can code. There is a very low bar to skills development, and often it is self-confidence, more than ability that hinders more people from taking up coding as a career.

“It was really refreshing to have a course that is not commonly accessible to those with little or no experience. I was inspired to learn new skills & the resources were excellent
– Erhire (course participant feedback)