Our TradeEngage solution is a powerful Client portfolio management and reporting tool.

The tool was built primarily to help asset managers create and maintain users and accord them with privileges, such as allowing client users a way to access their portfolios and run reports from anywhere in the world, on any device.

SFP - structured products reporting tool
Structured Products Client Portfolio Management and Reporting tool

The tool has a highly interactive and responsive User Interface, that provided clients with easy-to-use graphical data. Using this advanced User Interface, clients can conduct performance analysis on their portfolios based on historical and real-time data and run additional reports.

On the management side, managers can create new products and product types and inform their clients, making it a seamless process of portfolio management and reporting.

Managers provided our development team with their bespoke business logic and algorithms that was bolted onto the system. The system is designed in a flexible, modular framework allowing for bespoke business logic to be loaded without interruption to services.